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It’s official: Aurecon joins hundreds of scientists and engineers for global SKA project

Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Pathfinder Project

20 November 2013 - The international SKA Organisation last week announced the teams which will be responsible for the final design of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Pathfinder Project, with Aurecon named as the lead industry technical and management partner of CSIRO’s (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) team delivering the infrastructure work package (INFRA AUS) services for the Australian site. The funding made available for the detailed design phase is €120 million.

More than 350 scientists and engineers, representing 18 nations will be involved in the global next-generation radio telescope project, one of the largest and most ambitious scientific projects in history.

Professor Phil Diamond, Director General of the SKA Organisation, said: “This is a level of engagement only seen in revolutionary projects! That we have been able to pull together a team of some of the world’s best experts, most prestigious institutions and major companies reflects the passion and ambition of the scientific and engineering communities to work on an inspirational world-class project of the scale of the SKA.”

Dr Michelle Storey, INFRA AUS Consortium Lead, CSIRO, said: “The SKA is a complex global project with challenging infrastructure demands and we will benefit from the extensive experience and skills of all of our partners. This includes Aurecon who will be leading the technical activity in the Australian Infrastructure Consortium. We’re absolutely delighted to have a role in developing this next generation telescope.”

The Australian infrastructure work package will be delivered by CSIRO and Aurecon, supported by Horizon Power, RLB and RQZ Solutions. It includes studies, designs and costing for roads, buildings, power generation and distribution, reticulation, vehicles, cranes and specialist equipment needed for maintenance.

Construction of the SKA telescope, which will be co-located in Africa and in Australia, will begin in 2018.

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