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Complex design for logistic hub in Tsing Yi

Tsing Yi’s major logistics hub

1 July 2013 - Construction has just started on Tsing Yi’s major logistics hub to support the distribution of goods up and down the east coast of Hong Kong and into mainland China.

Aurecon is providing high value and cost effective complex mechanical and electrical design services to ensure best practice in efficiency and building performance for the range of activities associated with the movement of goods.

The facility will be occupied and owned by Shun Fung, a logistics provider servicing domestic and international networks, to provide inbound and outbound cargo distribution from the sea and air.

Shun Fung is aiming to achieve LEED Gold Rating for the entire development.

Ben Lam, Aurecon Project Manager said: “We are excited to provide leading technical innovations to improve connectivity, security, access control and maximise fire protection for this highly critical facility.”

The site, situated at Tsing Yi Town, consists of a 15-storey building which comprises a six floor office block sitting on top of a nine floor warehouse which serves as a sorting hub.

Mr Lam explains new innovations in fire protection systems will help minimise risk along with complex design of key electrical systems to ensure efficient operations 24 hours a day.

“We understand how connections along the supply chain need to be managed through technology and the linkages that go beyond the building management system. This knowledge has helped us optimise the design.”

Logistics is a pillar industry of Hong Kong, promoting economic development and employment in Hong Kong.

Working through a collaborative model with Aedas, the design Architect and BPS, the Project Management and Logistic Consultancy for the client, the design team can harness the strengths of the strategic location, close to the Container Terminal and Chek Lap Kok airport,  to maximise logistics performance and operations.

“Aurecon has well established strengths in providing high value services in the logistics industry - including efficient design of a broad spectrum of service areas including sea, land and air terminals, freight, storage and supply chain management,” added Lam.

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