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Ground engineering expertise critical for Expansion of Tai Po Water Treatment Works

Tai Po Water Treatment, Hong Kong

Tai Po Water Treatment

3 December 2013 - China State Construction Engineering (HK) Ltd., a joint venture partner of the Contractor of WSD Contract No. 15/WSD/10, has recently awarded the temporary works design contract for the expansion of Hong Kong’s Tai Po Water Treatment Works (WTW) to Aurecon.

The expansion of Tai Po WTW will enhance the overall resilience, flexibility and reliability of the water supply system in Hong Kong.

“For the successful delivery of this prestigious and strategically important project, Aurecon has assembled a team of professionals with a remarkable track record of designing temporary works and site formation works in Hong Kong and internationally,” said Aurecon Project Director Warren Dou.

“Our local team will be supplemented by our global resource base to draw on our expertise in ground engineering and building structures to deliver smart, cost-effective solutions for our client,” said Warren.

Aurecon will provide design engineering services for all temporary works design and site formation works, and will undertake the condition survey and construction risk assessment of potential damage to existing building structures.

The new facilities will be constructed in close proximity to the existing buildings and in some cases will be immediately next to existing buildings. Particular care will need to be taken to mitigate the risks of effect to those existing buildings in the course of the new work. Ground movement and subsequent structure movement due to the excavations, and the global stability of the existing structures due to unbalance earth pressures on either side of the structures, are the main concerns the team will address.

Construction commenced in February 2013, with completion targeted for May 2017.

For further information, please contact:

Warren Dou
Technical Director
T: +852 3664 6824

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