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New modelling technology set to benefit Aurecon’s transport clients

Antony Johnstone

9 October 2012 - Aurecon transport modeller, Antony Johnstone, fuelled truckloads of interest with his presentation at the Australian Road Research Boards (ARRBs) conference held on the 23-26  September last week.

Antony’s presentation discussed his joint development with Transport Simulation Systems, TSS, in forming a new modelling technique which gives users an innovative way to model transport systems. The programme combines the functionality of Hybrid Modelling, with that of adaptive SCATS signal control, enabling improved solutions to be found for Aurecon’s clients.

This combination allows for a complete approach to the modelling of a sizeable network. Detailed vehicle operations and SCATS signal control can be incorporated in the areas of interest where detail is required, while flows and route choice in other parts of the network are also captured.

It is the versatility in the application of the modelling technique which provides the largest benefit to users.
Antony said: “The technique would be great for modelling CBD areas. With Hybrid Modelling, you have the functionality of the two different modelling environments doing what they do best, whilst still being operationally accurate with the integrated SCATS signals. You are able to have the entire model capturing the route choice, while defined areas within the model capture the operational behaviour of vehicles.”

The modelling technique is also cost effective for Aurecon’s clients. 

“This approach is not only cost effective in terms of modelling but also in terms of the final on-street infrastructure. Combine this with future model maintenance and it ultimately leads to infrastructure that will operate at the most efficient level over its entire design life,” said Antony.

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Antony JohnstoneAbout Antony Johnstone
Antony is a Transport Modeller based in Perth. He has worked on a range of private and public sector projects in Australasia and specialises in micro-simulation modelling and the integration of SCATS as well as having experience in hybrid and mesoscopic models.

He has built, calibrated, and completed option testing on intersection models, corridor models, and large network models. He has expertise in a range of software including S-Paramics, Q-Paramics, Aimsun, and SIDRA intersection with significant experience in leading modelling projects and running modelling training modules and presentations. All of his projects have also involved transport planning and traffic engineering activities.


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