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Aurecon to raise the roof of the new Express Rail Link Terminus in HK

The West Kowloon Terminus

The West Kowloon Terminus

8 May 2012 - Aurecon is currently working on the erection analysis and geometry control of the steel roof structure for a Express Rail Link development in Hong Kong. 

The West Kowloon Terminus (WKT) is an underground railway terminus which is part of a large scale transport infrastructure project (HKD$62.4 billion) that will provide high-speed, cross-boundary rail services between major cities of Mainland China and Hong Kong.

The structure is formed from three geometrically complex lattice trusses supported at only nine locations by 30 metres high curved steel columns.

Mike Tapley, Aurecon Technical Director, Hong Kong says, “Apart from ensuring the roof steelwork is not over-stressed during erection, both the curved roof structure and the inclined columns have to be temporarily supported during the different stages of the roof construction.  Aurecon is also responsible for the design of the temporary works, which in itself is a large undertaking.”

The state-of-the-art terminus will integrate sustainable features maximising the use of natural daylight and create a green cultural plaza for the public with substantial green plants and vegetation on top of the terminus roof.

“We are excited to be able to offer such high-end engineering service for construction of this complex long-span roof structures. There is a growing demand globally for erection engineering of complex structural forms that are becoming increasingly more popular,” says, Dr Kourosh Kayvani, Aurecon’s Head of Innovation.

The erection analysis involves computer-generated 3D simulation of the roof erection under various construction stages, to ensure the steelwork is not over utilised.

Aurecon’s client, Alfasi Constructions, an Australian specialist steel contractor, is the sub-contractor to the Leighton–Gammon Joint Venture that is the main contractor for the entire station project, referred to as XRL 810A.

“The station is a high profile project in Hong Kong and we are working on the most complicated part. This project is a great example of Aurecon’s technical expertise and ability to bring together expertise between the offices of Sydney, Hong Kong and Thailand,” added Tapley.

Estimated completion date is in 2015.

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