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NZ benefits from Aurecon’s energy, transport and environmental innovations

SH18 Hobsonville Motorway and SH16 Brigham Creek Extension, New Zealand

SH18 Hobsonville

01 August 2012 – Aurecon has won three silver awards at the prestigious Innovate NZ Engineering Awards which were held in Nelson over the weekend.  

Process solution cuts energy costs by one third annually

Winning silver was the Dominion Salt Vacuum Plant Upgrade completed by Aurecon’s Manufacturing team for our client, Dominion Salt Limited. The team provided a smart solution to a unique problem.

Tasked with investigating a number of process options to increase salt production, Aurecon recommended a project concept based on expanding the existing three effect crystallising evaporator into a new five effect evaporator. This plant configuration enables salt to be manufactured using 33% less energy per unit of production, providing significant savings for Dominion Salt. 

“Energy savings are derived by utilising the plant’s existing steam generation capacity and recovering waste heat and putting it back into the production process”, said Paul Stephenson, Manufacturing Leader at Aurecon.

The processing capacity of the upgraded plant is 63% greater than the original plant and now provides for the manufacture of up to 76 000 tonnes of high value salt per annum.

Road of National Significance improves Auckland’s transport network

The SH18 Hobsonville Deviation and SH16 Brigham Creek extension project consisted of 6km of new four-lane motorway (SH18), a 3km four-lane extension of the SH16 motorway, four major interchanges, seven bridge structures and 1.2 million cubic metres of earthworks. Aurecon provided professional services for the design and construction monitoring  applying innovative techniques to the highway geometry, geotechnical and structural engineering which provided the contractor a significant competitive edge and increased whole-of-life value for the head client, NZTA. 

As a Road of National Significance, this strategic project will provide a sustained macro-economic contribution to local, regional and national growth and prosperity. The extension has also improved network resilience by providing an alternative route to travelling across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

Waste disposal system produces environmental benefits

Aurecon’s Manufacturing team again won silver for their outstanding work on the Spent Cathode Lining (SCL) Handling and Disposal plant on the West Coast, owned by Holcim New Zealand.

Spent Cathode Lining is a waste product from the smelting of aluminium and is considered to be a hazardous waste in many countries. With current opportunities for the disposal of this waste limited,

Aurecon designed a fully sealed, automated handling and storage system with built-in safety and hydrogen drainage systems. The plant can now accept unprocessed spent cathode lining and dispose of it by feeding it into a cement kiln through a standard scoop feeding system. 

This design not only complemented the client’s business but also has a positive environmental impact.

Silver awards:

  • Dominion Salt Vacuum Plant Upgrade – Mt Maunganui
  • SH18 Hobsonville deviation and SH16 Brigham Creek extension project – Auckland
  • Spent Cathode Lining (SCL) Handling and Disposal plant – Cape Foulwind, West Coast, South Island

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