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Aurecon wins Asian Development Bank rehabilitation project in Timor-Leste

Asian Development Bank

13 May 2011 - International development assistance is a key part of Aurecon’s commitment to deliver solutions to governments and communities across the world.

Recently, Aurecon secured a strategic project for the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which will be delivered in Timor Leste.

Providing project preparatory technical assistance, Aurecon will design an investment project to raise community income levels and improve public health through rehabilitation of Debo Lehumo Lake in the sub-district of Eraulo, and rehabilitation of the water supply system in Pante Makasar and in an additional district capital.

With growth at around four per cent per annum, Timor Leste’s population of over one million is one of the fastest growing in the world. However, Timor Leste is one of the poorest countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It was ranked 158 out of 179 countries in the 2008 UN Human Development Indices and fares poorly on key indicators such as life expectancy, literacy and GDP per capita.

The coverage of safe water and adequate sanitation in rural areas is low, with only 40-50% of the population having access to clean water. Levels of access vary between districts. In 2007, an estimated 338 500 rural Timorese did not have access to clean water supplies, and more than 520 000 lacked access to sufficient sewage disposal facilities.

From its extensive project experience in Timor Leste, Aurecon has a thorough understanding and appreciation of the challenges associated with water and sanitation projects in the country.

Collaboration between Aurecon teams based in the Philippines, Australia and Timor Leste drew expertise from our network of official development assistance specialists. This meant Aurecon was able to present a highly skilled project team with direct relevant experience in the water and sanitation in the South East Asian region.

“On this project, our experienced team was able to clearly articulate and demonstrate the needs of our client and the direct recipients of the project outcomes – the communities of Oecussi and Ermera,” said William Yong, Aurecon’s Industry Leader - Water.

Key services for the project will be delivered in the areas of water and sanitation, gender and community development, urban planning and geotechnical, with the project lasting for four months

“This project is further evidence of Aurecon’s commitment to work with organisations such as the ADB in the water and sanitation arena throughout the South East Asia region,” added Grace Arguelles, Aurecon IDA Leader - Philippines.

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