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Health and safety recognition for Aurecon

Health and safety recognition

11 November 2010 - At the recent 2010 WorkCover NSW SafeWork Awards, Aurecon Hatch was announced winner of the highly coveted WorkCover NSW Leadership in Safety Award, and Aurecon, through the Bridge Works Alliance, received a highly commended for the best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue.

Aurecon Hatch wins the Workcover Leadership in Safety Award 2010

Aurecon Hatch, one of the largest suppliers of engineering and project management services to Australia’s export coal industry, has been nominated for, and won, the WorkCover NSW Leadership in Safety Award 2010.

Aurecon Hatch is a long standing Joint Venture between Aurecon and Hatch, and their commitment to safety across all aspects of their work has been recognised by this win.

In accepting the award Aurecon Hatch General Manager, Ross Parslow said: “Safety is something we care deeply about at Aurecon and Hatch. All of our projects in NSW contribute to this result, but the most important is our Kooragang Coal Export Terminal project for Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG).  Much of the credit for this award belongs to our NCIG team. Everyone in the team contributes to visible safety leadership, but I particularly want to acknowledge the leadership of Bruce Anderson, the Project Manager, Wayne Dawson, the Construction Manager, and Don Spillman, the Safety Manager. Safe project outcomes also require 100% commitment from the plant owner and the NCIG Management Team has given unequivocal support to our project team. I would also like to acknowledge the contribution of the Aurecon Hatch Corporate Safety Team under the leadership of Wayne Reilly that established our template safety management plans and processes.”

Speaking after the awards, Ross said: “Safe project outcomes require 100% commitment from our project teams and in nominating us for this award, Workcover NSW recognised that our NCIG project exemplifies everything that this award represents. We have worked hard to create a strong and visible commitment to workplace health and safety leadership.”

Aurecon Hatch applies a consistent approach to safety management across all of its projects and operations. This approach integrates safety into planning and delivery at every level of the organisation.  Ross added: “A key element of building a safety leadership culture has been our focus on distributing leadership and ownership of safety. We have established safety leadership teams at the group level, major project level and workgroup level.

Wayne Reilly, Health Safety Environment and Community Manager at Aurecon Hatch agreed, and said: “Each safety leadership team implements a specific safety improvement program so we are able to bring our safety objectives into focussed action and account. It also helps us track our safety performance and ensures we take action to continually improve safety. Systems only work if people make them work; so we make our systems work for people. After all, safety is about people and the NCIG project showcases this.”

Ross closed his remarks at the awards ceremony with the observation that safe project outcomes happen when everyone involved in the project cares about the well being of their workmates, whether in the Owner’s team, the construction team or the EPCM team.

Bridgeworks Alliance – Highly Commended

The Bridgeworks Alliance has received a highly commended award for the best solution to an identified workplace health and safety issue for the solution provided for the Sydney Harbour Bridge upgrade at the NSW WorkSafe Awards in October.

The alliance, formed by Aurecon, the Roads and Traffic Authority, Baulderstone and Freyssinet Australia, went the extra mile to build a strong safety culture and implement rigorous safety procedures to allow the safe transfer of material and workers during the upgrade.

 “This reflects the BridgeWorks Alliance team’s commitment to go above what is required to implement protective safety measures for complex projects. Aurecon’s participation in the alliance over the last four years has lifted our focus on Health and Safety, in particular working at heights,” said William Cox, Aurecon’s General Manager –Transport.

An innovative, purpose-built bridge arch access system was built to minimise the risk of moving tonnes of steel across great heights to remote areas of the bridge.

The WorkSafe Awards seek to recognise and reward those organisations and individuals who have taken extra care to make their workplaces an even safer environment.

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