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Bridge building competition launched

Bridge Building Competition

Aurecon Bridge building competition

01 April 2010 - Aurecon this week launched its Bridge Building Competition website, inviting year 8s and 9s from schools across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia to participate. 

The bridge building competition is an Aurecon initiative to help generate further interest in maths and science among high school children.  As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts, we want to help encourage young people’s interest in studying engineering as the global industry faces a massive shortage of engineers in the coming decades.  

The Aurecon competition sees Year 8s and 9s compete to build the strongest bridge using timber, string and glue. The teams are given four months to build the bridge before meeting on “judging day” at events in each state where the bridges are put to the test. The winning team wins A 500 in prize money. 

On the new website, schools are able to register their teams online, as well as download information packs, all of which were previously despatched via traditional mail. Visitors to the site are also able to view video clips from 2009’s competition as well as view previous years’ image gallery.     

Originally a Victorian based competition, since 2001 Aurecon has seen over 650 teams of three attempt to build the strongest bridge possible using ingenious methods.  

In 2010, the competition will run only in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia, with plans to extend the competition to more countries in our Asia Pacific zone in coming years.

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