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Aurecon ranked 52 in latest ENR list

ENR Top 150

07 August 2009 - In July 2009, Aurecon was rated at Number 52 in the 2009 Engineering News Record (ENR) Top 150 Global Design Firms list.

ENR publishes nine lists which rank different types of companies in the construction industry. The rankings are based on the results of surveys sent out to companies three times per year.

ENR’s Global Design Firms list ranks the world's top 150 global engineering, architectural and consulting companies in a wide variety of sectors and geographies by total group revenue.

At a time of global financial turmoil, consensus in the report overview is that the worldwide recession is more market specific than applicable across all sectors, and that diversity of skill is leading to opportunity.

Within the body of the report, the creation of Aurecon is specifically mentioned as a merger that has "fuelled growth and expansion into new markets and regions".

“I have no doubt that we have created a resilient global business that will thrive when the upturn comes,” Global CEO, Mr Paul Hardy said.

“Our collective skill and effort have allowed us to attain this ranking which is a clear demonstration of our vision, Leading. Vibrant. Global.,” Mr Hardy added.

With revenue levels of Aurecon and the two preceding entries closely aligned, the company is confident of moving into the Top 50 in next year's ENR list.

With full year revenue for this fiscal year forecast to reach AUD$1.2 billion, Mr Hardy believes that the first half of the calendar 2010 will see conditions remain challenging but likely to reflect increasing optimism across Aurecon’s core markets.

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