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Aurecon completes third stage of mergers

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11 August 2009 - Aurecon has successfully completed the third in a series of mergers to substantially advance its transport sector and provide whole of lifecycle consultancy service to clients with transport assets.

The successful conclusion of the merger with South Australian company QED, follows mergers with Integrated Management Information Systems (IMIS, Melbourne) and Baseplus (New Zealand) during the last six months. The QED merger further adds to Aurecon’s leading skills in environmental planning and urban design, strengthening the platform of these businesses across the global group.  

The three businesses, combined with Aurecon’s existing capability, provide over 130 staff offering a complete suite of skills in the traffic and transport planning fields which are so important to the early stages of development of our project pipeline.

“In the APAC zone, Aurecon is a leader in the provision of design and construction phase services in the creation of transport assets,” said William Cox, General Manager, Transport Business. “As a result of these strategic mergers, Aurecon now offers a truly integrated transport capability throughout the entire asset lifecycle – from the earliest stages of strategic planning and project development, through asset creation to transport operation and management.”

This breadth of services allows Aurecon to strengthen its services and relationships with clients to deliver significant competitive advantages on transport projects.

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