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At Aurecon we continually innovate to bring ideas to life for a better future for people and the planet.

We work with our clients and communities to tackle rapid change and disruption so they can thrive. We are at a time when our world is increasingly complex, interconnected, and fast-paced. Intersecting trends such as rapid advances in technology, shifts in societal values and the growing need to protect our world through decarbonisation and sustainable practices all mean organisations are operating in highly dynamic and uncertain environments. We are also experiencing a blurring of industry boundaries, a change in the traditional definitions of organisations, and challenges against time-honoured theories of business.

To adapt to changing times, organisations need to transform. They must find new ways to thrive – find new opportunities to drive growth, create value and deliver efficiencies. In short, to successfully transform, businesses have to innovate.

Innovation requires a blend of systems, discipline and process, along with big thinking and new ideas. Aurecon’s approach to innovation focuses on maximising positive impact. We want our innovations to deliver outcomes that leave a legacy for future generations. So, we strive, wherever possible, to undertake our innovation activities collaboratively, with our clients and partners. Through co-creation we can validate, learn, and shape alongside our clients and partners and give our innovations the best chance of success.

Those who can anticipate change, not simply react to it stand to gain significant advantage. By being future-focused, we can better navigate uncertainty, anticipate change, and make stronger decisions around where we focus our innovation efforts.

Futures Research

Futures Research at Aurecon draws on the fields of Futures Studies and Strategic Foresight. Two disciplines that focus on how to interpret, analyse and respond to signals of change, as well as systematically and methodically explore what we can do now to shape our own futures.

We focus on the identification and analysis of trends and emerging issues, to identify potential change and then explore its implications and impacts.

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Applied Research

The innovative ideas and solutions needed to solve complex challenges rarely come off the shelf. Rather, they require multidisciplinary collaboration across multiple stakeholders to explore, discover, and test the unknown for answers.

Aurecon’s Applied Research team builds collaborative relationships by drawing together deep expertise and broad technical skillsets from across Aurecon and our partners to develop practical industry solutions for our collective future.

The Aurecon Research Agenda aims to connect Aurecon with key researchers and industry partners looking to innovate across architecture, engineering and construction.

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Design Thinking

At Aurecon, we work and think as designers. Approaching our clients’ problems with this mindset ensures we build understanding before we build solutions. It’s a considered way of combining our creativity and expertise to move from concept to real outcomes and existing situations to preferred ones by putting people at the centre of the solution.

The results are solutions that address the right problem and are designed to put our people and planet first.

Good design has powerful impact on our lives – but what criteria do we need to meet for a design to be considered 'good'?

That is just one of the questions Aurecon answers in this Engineering Reimagined podcast episode:

Chief Digital Officer Andrew Maher and Tesla co-founder and Wrightspeed CEO Ian Wright unpack the ingredients of innovation success and discuss why venture capital funding models are broken, how to come up with new ideas, and whether Silicon Valley will remain the hotspot for innovation.

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Enabling Innovation

As a team of designers, engineers, scientists and advisors working on some of the world’s most complex and often unique challenges, innovation is inherent to much of our work.

Aurecon is fortunate to employ eminent, talented professionals and brilliant minds. As such, we take a democratised and decentralised approach to innovation.

Rather than innovation being the pursuit of a small few, we work to enable everyone across the organisation to innovate. Through this approach we ensure greater diversity of people and skillsets, capture and harness innovation where it arises and ensure those closest to the challenges or opportunities can tackle them.

Award winning innovation

One of the ways in which we measure the impact of our innovation is through the awards and recognition we receive. We have consistently ranked in the top 10 of several industry award categories, notably the Australian Financial Review (AFR) BOSS Most Innovative Companies list for professional services businesses.

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Aurecon Innovation Awards

Aurecon among Australasia's most innovative companies for a sixth year.

Our Approach


Propeller is Aurecon’s innovation platform designed to surface and communicate innovation activity throughout the organisation. The platform helps accelerate and amplify innovation by connecting key stakeholders with potential innovation owners, test and validate ideas and possible solutions, as well as identify opportunities to refine and maximise existing innovations. assists in Propeller helps transition ideas from concept through to reality.


Intrapreneurship refers to the application of entrepreneurial practices within an established organisation. It's about taking early-stage innovations and building them into holistic new products, services or business ventures. Aurecon's focus on intrapreneurship enhances our ability to spot opportunities for innovation and to identify value and design for maximum impact.

Innovation Network

Aurecon has a strong innovation network across the organisation. Made up of futurists, design thinkers, researchers and intrapreneurs, the network maintains our strong innovation culture and ensures we are constantly exploring, experimenting, and amplifying our innovations.

Aurecon Design Academy

Changing demographics, rapid urbanisation, technological changes and evolving customer expectations are placing greater pressure on infrastructure projects in both government and private sector. We help organisations make better decisions about their asset base to deliver infrastructure projects that improve both productivity and quality of life, maximise value and transform risk into opportunity.

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‘Knowledge@Aurecon’ provides Aurecon professionals access to knowledge from one place providing infinite possibilities for its use. It is a dedicated knowledge platform which captures, shares and streams knowledge for our professionals to learn from and leverage for pursuits, projects, and innovations.


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