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We believe in innovation as a source of differentiation


Innovation is a mindset. It is a process of looking at problems differently, reframing them as opportunities, looking for diverse opinions and ideas and then using experimentation and iterative proto-typing to test those ideas. It is a way of thinking and doing that nurtures selfless collaboration, creative confidence and lateral thinking.

To thrive you need to innovate

For Aurecon, this means finding new ways to invent meaningful value for our clients. Using innovation, we help our clients transform their businesses and become more competitive.

We believe in innovation as a source of differentiation. To help our clients make sense of disruption in their businesses due to exponential technologies, we contribute diverse expertise bases, experiences and perspectives; enabling us to ask the right questions before devising a course of action.

It takes time and hard work to uncover the question. Jonas Salk, who discovered and developed the first successful polio vaccine famously, observed: “What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question.”

Deep technical expertise is the grounding for innovation, but it’s not enough to invest in being ‘smart’ – old thinking is unlikely to help solve new problems.

If we want to innovate we have to be open to the logic of what might be – not what is. We need to develop an explorer’s mindset: explores and experiments to imagine what’s possible; challenges the status quo; continually asks ‘why’; adopts a holistic view; seeks elegant simplicity; tests hypotheses to learn; sees opportunities in problems.

Watch video | Exploration Through Design: Using Industry Partnerships and Human-Centred Design to Create Novel Learning Opportunities

Rather than inventing completely new things, innovation is often a process of recombination.

Aurecon’s Veronica Nolan and University of Queensland’s Tim Kastelle discuss how industry and university partnerships can provide rich learning opportunities.

Applied Research Agenda

Applied Research anticipates and develops practical solutions to industry challenges. Aurecon is working on innovations to address these challenges, from construction robots that never sleep, AI-powered optimisation operating in wastewater networks, to custom bridges that are 3D printed on site.

The Aurecon Research Agenda aims to connect Aurecon with key researchers and industry partners looking to innovate across architecture, engineering and construction.

The agenda seeks to guide research and innovation in the areas of:

  • Materials, Methods, and Manufacturing
  • Resilience, Net Impact, & Renewal
  • Asset Intelligence & Decision-Making

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact Aurecon’s Applied Research Leader, Dr Aaron Belbasis.

Download our Research Agenda

Design to innovate

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States, said: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

To create our future and help shape better outcomes for our clients, we are fundamentally recoding our DNA to work and think like designers.

Working and thinking differently will see us effectively navigate volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity to deliver new value for Aurecon; our clients and ultimately, our client’s customers.

Within a highly commoditised market, design is something that cannot be commoditised. Design encompasses a meaning beyond the making of a physical thing; it is a way of doing and a way of thinking.

Good design has powerful impact on our lives – but what criteria do we need to meet for a design to be considered 'good'?

That is just one of the questions Aurecon answers in this Engineering Reimagined podcast episode:

Chief Digital Officer Andrew Maher and Tesla co-founder and Wrightspeed CEO Ian Wright unpack the ingredients of innovation success and discuss why venture capital funding models are broken, how to come up with new ideas, and whether Silicon Valley will remain the hotspot for innovation.

Listen to this podcast

Working and thinking like designers is how we approach all of our clients’ problems. It’s a considered way of combining our creativity and expertise to move from existing situations to preferred ones by putting people at the centre of the solution.

We take the time to stop and think about our client’s challenge, allowing us to interrogate it from every angle. We know that the macro-solution we eventually create is a result of answering the multiple micro-questions we unearth throughout this purposeful process.

The benefits of this diligent and future-focused approach create long-term value by:

  • Creating a mindset focussed on solutions vs. problems
  • Focusing on the end user
  • Using collective expertise
  • Building understanding
  • Challenging, validating and guiding before making decisions and delivering

The Aurecon Research Agenda aims to connect Aurecon with key researchers and industry partners looking to innovate across architecture, engineering and construction.

Download our research agenda

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