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Consistently reshaping our organisation to face disruptive forces


At Aurecon, we are consistently reshaping our organisation to face the disruptive forces that will affect our markets, so we can, in turn, help our clients do the same.

Eminence is being known for and sought out by our clients and markets for the quality and technical excellence of our work and ability to make an impact. We seek to be master practitioners who speak with authority, bring unique solutions to our clients’ challenges and are renowned for advancing our profession.

Eminence requires a combination of technical expertise in a specific field(s), rich experience and a range of complementary skills to garner the authority to have our voice heard, our brand sought after and the market relevance to attract opportunities with our clients and strategic partners.

Mastery is about seeing the bigger picture, having the insight to connect the dots, and being able to make the complex simple; a concept so valuable to us, we have made it one of our Aurecon Principles and have established the Aurecon Design Academy to foster eminence and a human-centred, transdisciplinary approach to design problems.

Aurecon Design Academy

The Aurecon Design Academy is Aurecon's accelerator learning program for technical mastery and design excellence.

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One way in which we celebrate our eminence and the contribution of our people, clients and partners to imagine and co-create a better future for people and the planet is through Industry Awards and our internal awards programme, The AURECONS.

Industry Awards

Recognition from independent industry and professional bodies.

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The Aurecons

Our internal awards programme celebrating our people and projects.

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The way we feel about ourselves and the confidence in our ability reflects the way we engage with our clients.

Our sense of value, power of creativity and design excellence, and the permission we grant ourselves to explore new horizons mean we can dig deeper and understand more.

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