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Future Ready


Eminence means being the master of our crafts (mastery) and being renowned for them (fame).


At Aurecon, we seek to become the true masters of our crafts, enabling us to speak with authority.

Today’s problems are disruptive, messy and increasingly complex. Whether it’s shaping the smart cities of the future, creating resilient rural communities, addressing poverty and social injustice or mitigating the impacts of climate change.

Smart solutions to the complex challenges faced by society require an active and diverse role in shaping the agenda of change.

A critical factor that empowers agenda shaping with effect and passion is the retention of technical mastery.

Mastery is about seeing the bigger picture, having the insight to connect the dots, and being able to make the complex simple; a concept so valuable to us, we have made it one of our Aurecon Principles.  

Traditionally, engineering firms have focused on technical, specialist and analytical skills. To support our growth to a Future Ready Aurecon, we have established the Aurecon Design Academy through which we foster eminence and great design across our business, clients and projects. The programme has a specific focus on developing our technical experts into T-shaped practitioners, who expertly blend their skills and expertise with a human centred, transdisciplinary and co-creative approach to design problems.


We invest selectively in our service offerings to provide the “best in class” for our clients. We seek to be renowned for the offering of our ‘Future Ready’ experts and our contribution to exemplar projects, and ultimately the betterment of the communities we serve.

One way in which we celebrate the contributions of our people, clients and projects to society is through Industry Awards.

The AURECONS, our internal awards programme, is just one of the opportunities we offer to help our people to tell the story of our talent, teamwork and the exemplar projects we bring to life for our clients.

The way we feel about ourselves and the confidence in our own ability reflects the way we engage with our clients. Our sense of value, power of creativity and design excellence, and the permission we grant ourselves to explore new horizons means we can dig deeper and understand more.

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