We work with integrity

Through our behaviour, we fulfil our purpose and create a legacy.

Ethics and integrity at Aurecon

Acting with integrity to build trust and create a legacy

At Aurecon, we are committed to acting with integrity and honesty in all aspects of our business dealings.

It has been said the standard we walk past is the standard we accept and on matters of social responsibility, we believe there must be no compromise.

Aurecon’s expectations extend to all our people, partners, and collaborators in the countries in which we operate. We also seek to work with clients who act in a consistent manner.

Aurecon's core purpose is bringing ideas to life, to imagine and co-create with our clients a better future for people and the planet.

The Aurecon Ethos sets out how we as individuals, and as an organisation, want to work together and work with others. white line

Our code of conduct The Aurecon Ethos

One of the ways we live our Principles is to set clear expectations of behaviour for our people that foster a culture of integrity and guide our daily decisions, actions and relationships.

We call this the ‘Aurecon Ethos’. It sets out how we as individuals, and as an organisation, want to work together and work with others. The Ethos is:

The way we work with each other, as well as our clients, suppliers and stakeholders, to bring ideas to life, is integral to living our Principles and achieving our Blueprint. Our Blueprint outlines our strategy and aspirations across every part of our business.

Our Principles infuse our culture – they are our way of working. At Aurecon, there are six Principles, the following two are most relevant here.

Aurecon Principles - Create a legacy

Create a Legacy reflects our desire to create a positive legacy and to do this we must embody integrity

Aurecon Principles - Believe it. Say it. Do it.

Believe it. Say it. Do it. reflects our deep commitment to clients and each other to build trust through candour, empowerment and accountability

We live in a global world that is increasingly interconnected. Our individual and collective behaviour has an impact well beyond ourselves and our organisation; and we want that impact to be positive.

As a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, Aurecon upholds a set of ten principles covering the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption.

We have a strong positive culture and we want to protect, nurture, and develop that culture to benefit our clients, our people, and the community. We work with integrity and through our behaviour, we build trust, fulfil our purpose and create a legacy.

Our Purpose, Attributes, Principles and Ethos are the core of Aurecon’s culture. We call this our DNA.

Our Principles Aurecon protects and fosters a culture of integrity. Individually and collectively. All our people commit to follow the Ethos.

Aurecon DNA

Modern slavery statement

Aurecon is committed to addressing modern slavery in its supply chain whilst continuously working on strategies to mitigate modern slavery and ethical sourcing risks.

Modern slavery statement - Aurecon
Whistleblower policy at Aurecon

Raising concerns

Aurecon is committed to promoting integrity in its business and operational activities. The Aurecon Ethos includes information on how our people and those we work with can raise any concerns.

Aurecon also has a Whistleblower Policy to further promote and support a culture of honest and ethical behaviour. The policy encourages and provides protections for the reporting of reasonably held concerns of suspected or actual misconduct or an improper state of affairs or circumstances at Aurecon.

To add confidence in raising issues, Aurecon has introduced Whispli, an external and independently run platform that will provide anonymous whistleblower reports to Aurecon using encryption to maintain anonymity.

Reports may be made anonymously at https://aurecon.whispli.com/speak-up

Download Aurecon's Whistleblower Policy: 

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At Aurecon we believe the strands of what we do, think and feel tie together to make us who we are. This is our DNA. Discover our DNA and how our culture permeates everything we do.


Aurecon is committed to corporate sustainability. Find information about our ethical approach to long-term client, employee, and environmental value.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Aurecon is committed to putting people at the heart of all we do. Learn more about what we are doing to build a workplace where everyone has their voice heard and feels valued and connected.
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