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Steve Wilson

Steve is a valuable contributor and an emerging leader in Australia's battery energy storage industry

Engineers Australia’s Top 30 Most Innovative Engineers

– Winner: Most Innovative Engineer ‒ Utilities

Principal Power Generation Engineer at Aurecon, Steve Wilson is a Master of energy storage development to enable increased renewable energy. His ability to identify the broader needs of clients and create innovative solutions that add extra value has made him a leader in Australia’s emerging battery energy storage industry. 

Most notably, he was the Lead Technical Advisor to the South Australian Government in the development and execution of its 100 MW battery known as the Hornsdale Power Reserve.

In the wake of the Hornsdale battery’s success, the Australian Energy Market Operator has reported an unprecedented growth in energy storage registration and connection applications. The well-designed and executed project has built confidence among stakeholders that such large storage schemes can be successfully integrated into the electricity network and markets.

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