Aurecon Industry Awards 2019

Leliefontein Pump-As-Turbine Station

Wellington, South Africa

South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) National Awards

– Winner: The Most Outstanding Project in Water Engineering

“Leliefontein is a true marriage between the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines and serves as an example of how municipalities can use low cost, off the shelf equipment like centrifugal pumps and induction motors to generate clean power using potential energy in their existing infrastructure.

“The power generated at Leliefontein can be offset against the power the Drakenstein Municipality would have had to purchase from the electricity public utility. Not only does it reduce the Municipality’s environmental impact through the consumption of renewable energy, but it also has a social impact as the client can invest the money saved by utilising the renewable free energy, back into the community through the delivery of services. We commend the client on their future-ready Pump-As-Turbine Station.” – Jacobus Kriegler, Aurecon Professional Civil Engineer

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