Aurecon Industry Awards 2019

Kaikoura Earthquake Recovery (Main North Line)

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Institute of Civil Engineers UK Awards (ICE)

– Winner: People's Choice Awards


Rail Technical Society of Australasia

With KiwiRail, New Zealand Transport Agency and the NCTIR Alliance
– Biennial Project Award 


On 14 November 2016 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake caused significant damage throughout the upper South Island and even parts of Wellington. By December 2017, key transport routes, that are critical lifelines to the surrounding communities, had been re-opened.

The successful reopening of the transport routes and ongoing efforts to not only rebuild, but also improve the safety and long-term resilience of the road and rail infrastructure, are testament to the hard work and collaboration of all the teams involved in the North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery Alliance (NCTIR) and the neighbouring communities. NCTIR comprised key stakeholders, New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and KiwiRail, and four of New Zealand’s largest contractors.

Aurecon teams led the overall design services in both the roads design programme and rail recovery programme of the rebuild efforts.

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