Aurecon Industry Awards 2019

Frame Apartments

Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand Concrete Society - Concrete3 Sustainability Awards

– Winner: Excellence in Residential Concrete Construction

The 17-level Frame Apartments is one of Wellington’s tallest residential buildings.

Designing the building’s structural solution was challenging. Wellington is an incredibly windy city and subject to significant seismic activity, and apartment buyers today expect resilience from tall buildings.

Aurecon’s innovative approach focussed on both the construction method and the construction materials. The resulting reinforced concrete structure:

  • Provided the required combination of stiffness and resilience, with a construction method design that minimised material wastage and build time
  • Was rigid enough to withstand high winds and durable enough to withstand unexpected seismic events
  • Achieved a rigid and resilient structural form while still allowing its residents to enjoy the hillside and harbour views from their apartments

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