Aurecon Industry Awards 2019

Mina Al Jubori

Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Engaging

Middle East Consultant Awards

– Winner: Women in Construction: Professional of the Year

What Engineering = Humanity means to me:

Ever since the start of humanity, engineering has been the basis for evolution, building legacies and shaping civilisation. From the Pyramids in Egypt and the hanging gardens of Babylon to the great architecture of the roman empire.

Understanding human needs and behaviours is the core of an engineer’s daily tasks. Whether we are communicating an idea, understanding clients’ needs or applying engineering design solutions.

Putting people first enables us to better understand the interaction between humans and technology. Designing a building that is not safe for occupancy or does not provide the basic needs of modern life is simply bad engineering.

To me, engineering today is about connecting societies, designing for the people, building a legacy for future generations, making the impossible possible and continuing the journey of human evolution.

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