Aurecon Industry Awards 2019

Kat Salm

Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Sense maker

New Zealand Spatial Excellence Awards

– Winner: Women’s Leadership Award

What Engineering = Humanity means to me:

Humanity is who we are and what we are capable of being within our built world. It’s reflected in the world we’re building for ourselves and for future generations.

For me, engineering is about the consideration and care that goes into building the futures that matter to all of us. It’s about deeply understanding not only the technology we work with, but the outcomes we are creating and the influence we can have. The built environment and technology we surround ourselves with, and how we interact with it, has a profound effect on how we live and think.

Through design, we constantly re-shape humanity – in part by affecting and enhancing our human capabilities, and in part by influencing our societal values and beliefs. I believe that by creating environments that consider real people, and that support equality, sustainability, and resilience, we can shape our world to best support our humanity for the future.