Aurecon Industry Awards 2019

John Hilton

Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Fearless

Engineers Australia's Most Innovative Engineers 

– Winner: Most Innovative Engineer – Building & Construction

Engineers Australia – Structural College Awards

– Winner: John Connell Gold Medal Award

What Engineering = Humanity means to me:

I love engineering, I love my work as a bridge designer. I love the challenges, the creativeness, the friendships forged under adversity and success. These are exciting times. If I think further, I’m also proud to think that, as engineers, I and others are contributing to the wellbeing of communities in some way. Yes, humanity has really benefited from our actions, of course it has.

Have we done enough? Probably not. In the scramble to build new infrastructure are we compromising the needs of future generations? Well yes, when you think it through in some areas we probably are. The world is facing increasingly complex challenges…and is looking for answers. Engineers, as logical, practical, constructive, innovative thinkers are in a unique position to really make a difference. We can do this, but it won’t be by looking to solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s solutions.

As an industry we really do need to stop doing the automatic things we do. I’m proud that Aurecon has taken a strong position promoting digital excellence, innovation, flexibility, and diversity. While we’ve got a way to go, these are very worthwhile initiatives to help us tackle some of humanities big challenges.

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John received recognition from Engineers Australia for Warrell Creek to Nambucca Heads Pacific Highway upgrade and A-bridge projects. 

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