Aurecon Industry Awards 2019

Dr Jan Kupec

Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Unconventional thinker

Property Council New Zealand Southern Excellence Awards

– Winner: Property Professional of the Year Award

– Winner: Supreme Award

What Engineering = Humanity means to me:

Some 25 years ago I chose engineering as my career to create a legacy, work globally and engage with people. As a teenager, I once heard that engineers have the ability to influence the lives of many people. This rang with me and ever since I have worked to follow that motto. What fascinated me was the ability to collaborate and innovate to better the lives of others. I now use my technical know-how to help people in need, be it as an Urban Search and Rescue specialist or Technical Director at Aurecon. 

Looking back at the past few years I was privileged to work with an awesome team of people. My team solved problems that matter to the community, which made me immensely proud.  We have shown that creativity and compassion are an essential part of human-centric design.

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