Aurecon Industry Awards 2018

Stephen Logan

Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Unconventional thinker

Engineers Australia

– Most Innovative Engineer – Consulting, Twin Duct HVAC System at Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Birtinya

My attribute is unconventional thinker. This certainly contributed to me being included in the list of Australia’s 30 most Innovative Engineers

There’s an element of risk-taking and being fearless in being unconventional, not needing the security and safety of falling back on what has been done before. However, if you’re going to challenge conventional practice, you’d better be prepared to do a lot of hard thinking and analysis to back up your idea. You also need the courage to put your hand up when your idea doesn’t work out. You also need patience, good storytelling and empathy, to bring your team and your client along with your new idea.

Innovation never happens between a single set of ears. It always requires collaboration and most of all, it requires your teammates to bring the problem to the table in the first place. Aurecon is quite unique in the way it can bring its best designers to projects, so they can do their best work. It’s this cultural permission the company gives its designers to experiment and try new things, that is an extraordinary differentiator.

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