Aurecon Industry Awards 2018

Matt Beales

Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Co-creative

Project Management Institute Australian Awards

– Young Project Manager of the Year

I’ve been lucky to work as part of the project management team on major hospital projects, where co-creating design solutions is imperative. Often, it’s not about implementing complex solutions, but ensuring we meet simple requirements that help people feel comfortable in the health environment.

Being co-creative was a key part of the award as it enabled me to collaborate and co-design the final solutions with the hospital team. Often, project problems we encounter are unique and an ability to concrete a solution using divergent thinking enables the wider team to explore a multitude of solutions.

The award is recognition of the ability to work together as a team and deliver real, sustainable and meaningful outcomes that have a positive impact on the wider community. It reflects the hard work and dedication I and the wider Aurecon team has to delivering for our clients, as well as Aurecon’s support for young team members and the willingness to give people a chance to influence project outcomes; something I’m proud to be associated with.