Aurecon Industry Awards 2018

Ermis Marques

Strongest Aurecon Attribute: Fearless

Middle East Consultant Awards

– Winner: Executive of the Year (Male)

Construction Week Awards

– High Commendation: Construction Executive of the year

When I first came to Dubai, many years ago, I met clients with big aspirations who wanted their projects to stand out. The uniqueness of these projects meant we had to go where no engineer had been before – often challenging the laws of physics to the extreme.

One lesson I learnt and which continues to guide my decision-making is there are no winners in a losing team; conversely for the team to win, every member must bring value to the table. In the engineering and construction industry we often have only one shot at getting it right and have to take difficult decisions at the right time to ensure better outcomes for our clients and ourselves.

The award is recognition to the great teams I’ve had the privilege to work with over my 35-year career, as well as recognition to the mentors whose support has been invaluable through my journey. This award has given me an opportunity to share my story with many and I hope some of these thoughts will guide others, as they’ve guided my decisions.

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