Aurecon Industry Awards 2018

Being nimble

Making the most of opportunities

An ant colony's survival is entirely dependent on the strength of its ants. Pheromones help ant colonies keep track of food and each other. Each ant leaves a trail of pheromone as it searches for food. When an ant finds food, it can follow the scent left behind back to the nest. This scent also leads other ants to the food source.

Their adaptive capacity for teamwork and finding food means ants can thrive in almost any habitat. 

To make the most of opportunities brought about by fast-changing client and community needs, Aurecon teams come together to bring vital engineering experience, technical capability and design expertise to the table.

We are as diverse as we are dynamic. As curious as we are clever. Aurecon people embody a range of attributes that combined allow project teams to explore problems from different perspectives and co-create solutions that will serve our societies now and in the future.

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