Bringing Ideas to Life

It’s important to dream. To imagine a better tomorrow. Create a better world with engineering excellence that has humanity at its heart. From the seed of an idea to better outcomes, we collaborate with our clients to bring ideas to life.

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Design, Engineering, Advisory

Aurecon is a design, engineering and advisory company that brings ideas to life to create a better future for people and the planet.

In 2020, the Australian Financial Review named us Australasia’s most innovative company and most innovative professional services company.

Our clients’ ideas and aspirations drive all that we do. We work alongside them like no other firm to co-create clever, innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges, adding value across the project lifecycle through deep technical and advisory expertise.

We serve our clients across a range of markets and international locations. Hardwired in our DNA are engineering, design and the deep need to leave a legacy. We are as diverse as we are dynamic. As curious as we are clever.

Drawing on our deep pool of knowledge, we bring vital engineering experience, technical capability and design expertise to the table. Then we listen deeply and intently.

We see the opportunities, possibilities and potential that others don’t. Through a range of unique creative processes and skills, we collaborate with our clients to re-imagine, shape and design a better future.

We believe humanity depends on engineering; and we recognise we have a broader stewardship role to play. A deep responsibility to hold. As we continually strive for a life in balance, Aurecon clients will be ready for the future and engineered for life.

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To learn more about what we have been up to visit our newsroom, or take a glimpse into the future on our Just Imagine blog.

Aurecon is a management-owned company. View our history

Aurecon's Podcast Engineering Reimagined

Engineering Reimagined is a podcast series exploring how, like engineers, people from all walks of life are reimagining the future.

Join us to hear inspiring stories from a range of guests.

Aurecon podcast

Aurecon's Blog Just Imagine

Just Imagine is an exploration of provocative ideas. We challenge the status quo. Push the boundaries. Argue ideas. Explore the infinite possibilities.

It is a creative space to show how we think, dream, and imagine the future.

Just Imagine - Aurecon's blog

Our strategic pillars

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Emerging technologies are redefining much of what we take as normal today.

The coming changes lie outside what we know; experience won’t always help predict the future. But there is opportunity to design the future for those willing to let go of the past.

At Aurecon, we are consistently reshaping our organisation to face the disruptive forces that will affect our markets, so we can, in turn, help our clients do the same.

Aurecon’s commitment to building an organisation ready to capture future opportunities centres on three strategic pillars; innovation, eminence and digital transformation.

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Innovation is a mindset. It is a way of thinking and doing that nurtures selfless collaboration, creative confidence, and lateral thinking. Using innovation, we help our clients transform their businesses and become more competitive.

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The future of business is digital. That’s a certainty – just like death and taxes. But unlike death and taxes, ‘going digital’ brings with it a range of new opportunities for those open to discovering what might be.

Masters of our crafts, enabling to speak with authority.


Eminence means being the master of our crafts and being renowned for them. We seek to be master practitioners who speak with authority, bring unique solutions to our clients’ challenges and are recognised for advancing our profession.

Aurecon Leadership

The board is responsible for the overall corporate governance of Aurecon and the company’s business strategy. Reporting to the CEO is a management team spanning regions, industries and service groups to ensure that, in addition to pursuing the strategic direction set by the board, our behaviour in the market aligns with our corporate values.

Our commitments

Diversity, equity & inclusion

Aurecon is committed to putting people at the heart of all we do. Learn more about what we are doing to build a workplace where everyone has their voice heard and feels valued and connected.

Ethics & integrity

The Aurecon Ethos is our code of conduct. Find out how we use it to work with integrity, live our Principles, raise concerns, and connect and collaborate with one another, our clients, and our partners.


Aurecon is committed to corporate sustainability. Find information about our ethical approach to long-term client, employee, and environmental value.


Find out how Aurecon is actively taking part in the journey towards a net zero carbon future, to create a positive impact in our environment and communities.

Quality Assurance

When engineers get it wrong, the consequences can be dire. We are acutely aware of our professional responsibility to create technical solutions which are both safe and sound.

Award-winning people and projects

We showcase our awards to celebrate the work of our people, clients, and partners to imagine and co-create a better future for people and the planet.

Innovation through adversity
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