Virtual Reality

Aurecon has embraced the world of digital innovation that brings ideas to life for our clients using the latest technology.

Our realistic Virtual Reality (VR) experiences helps clients understand different components of Aurecon’s expert designs and improves collaboration, communication, planning and alignment with different stakeholders. Visualisation is a great way to communicate that bridges knowledge and language barriers and helps create shared understanding between clients, stakeholders. It’s also great for anyone who likes playing with models!


Click one of the VR links below and insert your smartphone into a Virtual Reality adaptor (Google Cardboard or similar). Further instructions and troubleshooting are available here.

Buildings VR 1: Air Handling Unit Plantroom

Virtual reality air handling unit

Buildings VR 2: Thermal Plantroom

Virtual reality thermal plantroom

Buildings VR 3: Generator Plantroom

Virtual reality generator plantroom

Buildings VR 4: Coordinated Ceiling Space / Attrium

Virtual reality attrium

Buildings VR 5: Long Span Structure

Virtual reality long span structure

Buildings VR 6: Chiller Plantroom

Buildings Virtual Reality Chiller Plantroom

Buildings VR 7: Cooling Tower Plantroom

Buildings Virtual Reality Cooling Tower Plantroom

Buildings VR 8: Fan Room

Buildings Virtual Reality Fan Room

Infrastructure VR 1: Floating Barge Extender

Infrastructure Virtual Reality Floating Barge Extender

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