Tracking Australia’s Energy Transformation

Tracking Australia's Energy Future

Tracking Australia's Energy Future

To help our clients navigate the transformation of Australia’s energy sector, Aurecon will sit down with industry game changers for their expert views on the future of energy.


Kane Thornton, Chief Executive of the Clean Energy Council, explains the proposed National Energy Guarantee

In this interview, Kane Thornton explains the role of the proposed National Energy Guarantee – a policy mechanism designed to tackle the security of energy and emissions target for Australia.

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Interview with Chloe Munro AO on Australia’s Energy Transformation

In this interview, we ask Chloe Munro AO, a distinguished leader in energy, climate change, infrastructure and natural resources, how can large consumers of energy put downward pressure on their costs.

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Our Thinking – We need an efficient plan to drive energy market reform in Australia

Aurecon asks Australian business executives what the future of energy looks like.

The Future of Energy

Aurecon asked over 100 Australian business executives from the Energy industry and Government how they would shape Australia’s energy future.

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