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What is Our African City (OAC)?

Envisioning an African city

Our African City is about bringing together leading expertise across the financial, political, technical and social spheres to collaborate in developing new thinking and solutions that address inclusive urban transformation.

It is about opening the debate on and crafting a vision of what an African city should look like and how to innovatively address the challenges we face to leapfrog stages on our development path.

The dialogue is hosted through various platforms, including the OurAfricanCity.org website and scheduled events and workshops under the Our African City brand. As the dialogue matures, new thinking from participating companies and organisations, including Aurecon, will be published.

While the dialogue is being launched in South Africa, the intention is to expand the platforms into other African countries in order to create cities that enhance the lives of the cities’ residents. With the drafting of the Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF), we are now in the right policy environment to meaningfully look at what South Africa needs from a South African perspective. How do we incorporate the informal sector as part of our urban flavour, how do we deal with slums, how do we create the kind of jobs we need to solve unemployment, what do our public spaces look like and how do we at the same time become more sustainable, while designing cities to be enabling environments for global competitiveness?

The dialogue is free to join and open to stakeholders from government/municipalities, state-owned corporations involved with infrastructure development and management, the private sector, academia and civil society. To join, please visit www.OurAfricanCity.org.

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