Design thinking

What is design thinking?

What is design thinking?

Creativity is a fundamental building block of innovation. When you fuse the creative and technical worlds, the pay-off is a sweet spot where innovation can flourish. Aurecon uses design thinking to help find that sweet spot.

Design thinkers have a certain disposition. A mindset that doesn’t get flustered by ambiguity – it’s inspired by it! They’re obsessed with imagining what might be possible – driven to challenge the status quo. Design thinkers take a holistic approach to understanding the problem from multiple angles and stakeholder perspectives. It’s a belief system that if you explore the shadows, you’ll uncover the underserved need, the unique opportunity.

Combining the capabilities to ‘think like a designer’ with the methodologies to ‘work like a designer’ and any organisation will be able to adapt to turbulent times, not be paralysed by them.

Collaborating and co-creating is essential during this journey. From the end user to the client, a broad range of stakeholders are consulted, and empathy for and collaboration with the people we’re designing for remains key as we build deeper understanding of their needs. Our thought processes and designs are rooted in lived experiences and, as a result, Aurecon’s solutions enjoy wide buy-in from stakeholders. This approach allows us to go beyond meeting people’s needs to responding to those needs with sustainable solutions that are future-oriented.

Marrying exceptional engineering design skills with future thinking, Aurecon transforms its clients’ businesses, gaining them competitive advantage. The firm is also able to anticipate technological disruption and its impacts, turning this into an opportunity to innovate.

Through the culture of design thinking within Aurecon, we’re fostering creativity, challenging the ‘status quo’, exploring and experimenting to envision what’s possible. Ideas are our capital and we leverage design thinking to capture and convey new value for our clients, providing innovative solutions that are technologically feasible and strategically viable.

This approach is encapsulated in Aurecon’s strategic direction for Africa. Together with our clients, Aurecon is working to create a better, inspired future.

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