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Case Study

raize the roof

Design thinking results in a better life for ‘less lucky’ children


Video Transcript: Design thinking results in a better life for ‘less lucky’ children

Aurecon and Raize the Roof have partnered to design a meaningful, transformational social investment in SOS Children’s Villages in Botswana.

As part of design process, we visited the SOS Villages in Tlokweng and Serowe to better understand the needs of the children, caregivers, and staff.

We observed. We interviewed. We workshopped. We engaged with the kids. We had many conversations. And through immersing ourselves in the lives of the children, caregivers, and staff, we gained insights to help us co-design a meaningful solution.

For more information visit Aurecon’s Design Innovation webpage.

The founders and volunteers behind Australian charity raize the roof are passionate about improving the lives of children who are ‘less lucky’ than most. Based in Canberra, Australia, the charity is building a house in their city using volunteer labour and donated materials. Once finished, it will be auctioned off to generate a profit of over $500 000. Half the proceeds of this profit will go towards supporting SOS Children’s Villages in Botswana, while the other half will be donated to a local charity in Australia.

Importantly, this isn’t just about donating money to a ‘good cause’, but about intentionally designing a sustainable social investment programme that will make a genuine impact in the lives of the children and caregivers at the end of that process. 

The biggest question the charity had to ask itself was: how can we provide a relevant and meaningful solution for the children of SOS Children’s Villages? To help them find the answers, the charity is partnering with Aurecon. Together, raize the roof and Aurecon will design innovative solutions for sustainable social reform that will generate the best possible outcome for both the children and the caregivers who work at the village.

Armed with deep confidence in applying a human-centred design-thinking approach and to kick off this process, the project team slept over at the village so that they could gain a better understanding of the day-to-day lives of the people at the centre of the project. This also helped put the children and the caregivers at ease, creating a comfortable environment which resulted in richer interactions and set the stage for solutions rooted in collaboration and co-design.

In partnership with raize the roof, SOS Children’s Villages Botswana, the University of Botswana, the University of Technology in Sydney and the Botswana government, Aurecon looks forward to helping direct the funds raised towards bringing about a transformation in the lives of the children and caregivers at SOS Children’s Villages in Botswana.

Aurecon is proud to help bring this idea to life.

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