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Afrikanist in Motion

Yasser Booley

Yasser Booley

Afrikanist in Motion is a collaboration between Aurecon, the World Design Organisation and a photographer to capture uniquely African transport challenges that confront the majority of Africans.

The rich visual story not only showcases public transport across Africa, but provides stakeholders with a better appreciation of the lived experiences of public transport commuters.

By giving clients a glimpse into the lives of the end user, we’re able to create better designs for our client’s clients.

The project saw Aurecon team up with community photographer Yasser Booley and Cape Town-based public transport open data and mobility platform, WhereIsMyTransport, to capture a trip from Cape Town (South Africa) to Dar es Salaam.

Afrikanist in Motion depicts Booley’s journey as he navigates each country, relying entirely on public transport.

Aurecon believes that telling the Afrikanist in Motion story is key to transport planners and engineers developing a deeper empathy for the end user. Mobility and transport workshops across the continent will benefit from these visuals by providing workshop participants with a much richer perspective. This insight into the end-user’s reality will help build a culture of empathy and understanding that filters through in every aspect of the design of possible solutions.

For most Africans, public transport is their only mode of transport. When Booley embarked on his trip he hoped to inspire more visitors to travel the African continent. “I wanted to show that it’s not only possible to use public transport to travel through Africa, but that it’s a wonderful way to meet people and identify potential opportunities that could connect us. This connection is key to appreciating Africa’s potential as a continent and not just as disparate countries that happen to be on the same continent.”

Yasser talks to eNCA about his experience

And herein lies the secret: connecting with people … empathising … These are the essential building blocks for Aurecon’s human-centric design thinking methodology, which puts the people who we’re creating for at the very centre of our thinking and helps us design for our clients’ clients.

By combining the agility and technical engineering skills of an African business with the creativity of a community photographer, we’ve created a rich visual story that speaks to the heart. It will empower us to be able to develop innovative, sustainable future-ready solutions together with our clients to realise Africa’s vast potential.

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