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Welcome to Aurecon’s data centres for the digital age

The digital age has increased the demand for data centres that meet stringent security, energy efficiency, business continuity and productivity optimisation needs. In addition, data centres are also required to accommodate unpredictable future loads. The application of cutting-edge technologies and innovation has become a burning issue in the construction of data centres. With the emergence of digital engineering and the widespread use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), modular design and prefabricated construction will become more prevalent, and new builds and the operation of these will become more efficient.

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Data for a 21st century Africa

Countries (especially African countries) need to start looking at more local solutions in order to ensure data sovereignty and efficient network performance. This demand will drive a significant data centre build-out in both East and West Africa over the next 20 years and now is the time to start reassessing the number of data centres in Africa.

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