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Aurecon responds to allegations from the Office of the Gauteng Premier

Aurecon has approached the Office of the Gauteng Premier to request clarification of a statement relating to procurement processes within the City of Tshwane.

We have written to the Premier today to contest the Province's assertion that a property audit contract awarded to Aurecon was proof of the City's "flagrant disregard for the Municipal Finance Management Act" and was awarded "irregularly". The comment was contained in a statement that the City is to be placed under administration.

There is no evidence to support the characterisation of the Aurecon contract, and it is factually incorrect. We are not aware of any formal investigation into the award that was made by the City of Tshwane and thus there has been no finding of wrongdoing in how it was issued or in how it was conducted.

We believe the reference to Aurecon in the reason being advanced by the Province is unsubstantiated and causes damage to Aurecon’s good name and reputation.

Aurecon has always welcomed an investigation, but to date we have not been formally approached by any party in this regard.

Our letter of objection to the Premier is in no way intended to express an opinion or take a position on the Provincial Government’s decision to place the City of Tshwane under administration. Our concerns and objections are limited to the fact that the award of the project to Aurecon is being advanced as one of the reasons for the decision without the veracity of the allegation having been investigated and challenged.

We have requested an opportunity to engage with the Office of the Premier regarding the statements implicating Aurecon as we would like to resolve this in a manner that does not create any further harm to Aurecon’s name and reputation.

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