Wadi Wishka Dam

Aurecon contracted for project design

The Wadi Wishka Dam project, some 650km southeast of Tripoli, was successfully completed after just over two years of construction in the Libyan Desert.

Aurecon was contracted by Grinaker-LTA for the detailed design of the dam project. After reviewing the initial design, Aurecon proposed an alternative design, which included reducing the spillway width from 90 metres to 30 metres and raising the dam embankment by some 1.8 metres, which led to a substantial saving in the cost and time of construction.

The intake tower and outlet works were also redesigned by optimising the positioning of the intake tower and simplifying the design of the outlet works.

Aurecon also provided the geotechnical investigation, detail design, documentation and construction guidance services.

Although conditions presented challenges to the design and construction teams, including daytime temperatures of up to 50°C, flooding of the site on two separate occasions, and logistical challenges in procuring and having material and equipment delivered to site on time, the project was successfully completed in March 2003. The Wadi Wishka Dam continues to form an integral part of Libya’s water infrastructure.

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