Haughton River Integrated Catchment Management Plan, Australia

The Haughton River Integrated Catchment Management Plan was a consultative project to develop strategies to improve management of the land and water in the Haughton River catchment between Ayr and Townsville in North Queensland.

Integrated catchment management is a cooperative approach to the management of our natural resources based on water catchment areas. The purpose of this approach is to ensure our land, water and biodiversity are maintained in a healthy condition to enable continued production from primary industries, maintain viable communities and allow opportunities for recreation and tourism.

Burdekin Shire Rivers Improvement Trust engaged Aurecon to undertake extensive public consultation both inside and outside the Haughton River catchment area, and liaise closely with government and non-government bodies.

The initial Catchment Overview Report described the catchment and identified relevant pressures on the Haughton River catchment raised during the consultation process. These included erosion, wetland degradation and salinity issues.

The Haughton River Integrated Catchment Management Plan was submitted to our client in December 2002, with recommendations to optimise their management strategies.

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