Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the Mizingani Seafront Improvement Project, Tanzania

The Mizingani Seafront Improvement Project, which forms part of the Zanzibar Urban Services Project, aimed to create a public seafront promenade along Mizingani Road in Stone Town.  The project comprised the construction of a seawall; a refurbishment of underground infrastructure which included water, sewer, storm sewer, electrical and telecommunications (located below the roadbed of Mizingani Road); the resurfacing of the road and the introduction of traffic calming measures; as well as the creation of a pedestrian promenade.

Aurecon was appointed to carry out the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for the construction of the seawall and promenade. In addition to the assessment, the appointment included the development of an environmental and social impact management plan, and the facilitation of a public participation process.

The improvement of the seafront encouraged safer vehicular movement; minimised uncontrolled parking; and preserved and enhanced the traditional seafront setting and its historic and architectural context (Zanzibar’s Stone Town is a World Heritage City).

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