Calueque Dam, Angola

Calueque Dam is located on the Cunene River in southern Angola.  The dam supplies water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use to southern Angola and northern Namibia through the 1964 Cunene River Scheme Agreement.

Construction on Calueque Dam started before Angola gained independence from Portugal in 1975. However, it was not completed by the time the Angolan civil war started in 1975 and was significantly damaged during the civil war. 

“Gabinete para a Administração da Bacia Hidrográfica do Rio Cunene (GHABIC)” is the Angolan authority responsible for the Cunene River Basin and manages this important resource together with the Government of Namibia. 

GHABIC appointed Aurecon in 2012, in joint venture with AECOM and Viaponte, to provide project management services for the rehabilitation of Calueque Dam, including technical assistance for design review and construction supervision. 

The 18 metre high dam is a composite structure with earthfill flanks and central mass concrete spillway, with provision for radial gates. The project includes refurbishment and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment, including ten 10 metre wide by 6 metre high spillway radial gates; repair or replacement of reinforced and post tensioned concrete elements; completion of zoned earthfill embankments; and completion of related infrastructure such as airstrip and roads.

The first phase includes the dam and south water supply system, whilst the second phase includes the north water supply system and first phase irrigation scheme.

The pump station situated on the south bank of the Cunene River will supply a peak flow of 7.4 m³/s, of which 1.4 m³/s is intended for utilisation on new Angolan irrigation projects; whilst 6.0 m³/s will be provided to Namibia. A 1600 millimetre diameter rising main will be constructed on the south bank.

On the north bank a new pump station will be constructed to supply water for irrigation projects in Angola, only. This pump station will supply a peak flow of 12m³/s (cubic metres per second) and includes twin 1 800 millimetre diameter rising mains and a balancing reservoir, with a storage capacity of approximately 200000 m³.

Completion of the current Calueque Dam rehabilitation project is expected by December 2015.

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