Algoa Reconciliation Study, South Africa

The urban and industrial demand for water in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) and the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) has grown rapidly in recent years. As a result, the demand for water was outstripping available resources.

The Department of Water Affairs (DWA), in cooperation with the NMBM, commissioned the Algoa Reconciliation Strategy Study to guide the selection of interventions and further studies necessary for the development of a sustainable Algoa water supply system.

Aurecon, in association with AfriCoast, PDG, Groundwater Africa, and Scherman & Colloty, was appointed by the DWA to undertake this project. Key to the strategy was the identification and development of innovative interventions that could be implemented to increase the yield of already limited local water resources to meet the anticipated future requirements.

With the aid of a Reconciliation Planning Support Tool, interventions and sequences for their implementation were selected to meet a range of future water requirement scenarios up to and beyond 2035.

One of these interventions maximises the yield of the existing Kouga/Loerie scheme through improved operational measures. This was implemented in 2009 to address the short to medium-term actions required to provide the community with a sustainable water supply. A second intervention that has been identified as the only intervention that can meet initial industrial water requirements of the Coega IDZ in a timely manner is the Nooitgedacht Low Level Scheme. The project is already in its preliminary design phase with alternative pipeline routes and reservoir sites having been identified and initial soil testing and profiles completed.  An EIA is currently being undertaken for this project. 

Aurecon and its project partners produced an innovative strategy to facilitate a sustainable water supply. The Algoa Reconciliation Strategy, completed on schedule in April 2010, provided practical and logical recommendations to facilitate sustainable and improved management of the Algoa Water Supply System.

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