Westgate Footbridge, New Zealand

Westgate footbridge is a new 220 metre long pedestrian and cyclist connection across SH16 near the Westgate shopping centre in Auckland, New Zealand. A joint initiative of the New Zealand Transport Agency and Auckland Transport to connect communities, the bridge was opened to the public on Thursday 31 January 2013. Aurecon was engaged by head contractor HEB Construction to provide engineering design to the project.

There were a number of challenging aspects to the footbridge that required creative solutions. The Aurecon team spent a lot of time on site and with the community to understand the project requirements and constraints.

The bridge addresses a key safety issue of pedestrians crossing SH16 at grade and provides the community with safe access to local amenities. The bridge consists of a 100 metre long straight bridge across SH16 and a curved 120 metre long bridge over Lendich reserve.

The innovative solution adopts a distinctive form driven by vertical clearances, ramp gradients and cost. The complex geometry of the trusses and skewed piers required the use of 3D drafting and 3D structural analysis models were used for the analysis and seismic design of the structure.

The safety of the public was ensured using anti-throw screens over the carriageway, unobstructed views on curved truss for better sightlines, and anti-climb screens to prevent access into the truss. Our client is delighted with the outcome of this project, a unique structure that addresses a number of site constraints and has the potential to become a landmark structure for the community.

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