Upgrading of Tuduma Laela Sumbawanga Road, Tanzania

The Tuduma-Laela-Sumbawanga road is a trunk road in the south-west of Tanzania. It starts at the Tanzanian/Zambian border where it joins the A104 Dar Es Salaam-Zambia highway. It also links with the western road along Lake Tanganyilka up to Lake Victoria and serves Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. The project area has high potential for agricultural, forestry, and livestock products.

Aurecon was the lead consultant for the detailed design, environmental impact assessment (EIA), social impact assessment (SIA) and preparation of tender documents for the upgrading of 230 km of this road.

The upgrading of the road was completed in 2009 and the more efficient transportation of products to the markets in the areas of consumption and has promoted regional integration.

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