Upgrading of National Road EN1 from Gorongosa to Caia, Mozambique

Aurecon carries out road rehabilitation

The Gorongosa-Caia route in Mozambique is important to the success of the USAID-funded Rural Access Programme, as it forms an important element of the Roads and Coastal Shipping Programme. Originally designed by the Portuguese State Department of Roads in the late Sixties, road construction commenced but was abandoned in the early Eighties due to internal strife in the country. 

By 1999, a 243km completed section of National Road EN1 was in a very poor condition due to lack of maintenance over a 25-year period, and because of severe damage caused to a number of major road-over-river bridges during the Mozambican civil war. In addition to the rehabilitation of the road, Aurecon was also responsible for the design upgrade of nine of the road-over-river bridges.

The objective of the project, which was completed in 2008, was to restore full and free access of travel along this section of road, which still serves as a vital link between the south and north of the country.
Services provided by Aurecon included:

  • Topographical and engineering surveys
  • Road and bridge condition assessments and detailed material investigations
  • Rehabilitation design of stormwater drainage systems
  • Repair/rehabilitation design of bridges
  • Rehabilitation design of road pavement
  • Preparation of bill of quantities (BOQs)
  • Preparation/compilation of works contract documents
  • Assistance to USAID with preferred sole source contractor
  • Construction supervision

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