Review of the Regional Trunk Road Network, Democratic Republic of Congo

The Association of Southern African National Roads Agencies (ASANRA) engaged Aurecon to review the Regional Trunk Route Network (RTRN) in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

The project included a review of the original criteria used to define the RTRN in order to determine whether the criteria should be amended to incorporate changes that had since occurred and could potentially influence the scope of the RTRN.

Aurecon conducted this in consultation with key stakeholders, including the Road Infrastructure Committee, the SADC Secretariat, ASANRA and the National Roads Authorities of all SADC countries. Road safety factors were also included to incorporate new links into the RTRN.

Aurecon recommended a revised RTRN which considered roads in the SADC countries that provide connection to non-SADC countries, such as the DRC and Tanzania, and connection to the road networks of neighbouring regions. This included sections of the SADC RTRN that are part of the Trans-Africa routes, as well as routes including the primary road network in Sub-Saharan Africa, spatial development initiatives and other routes identified as important corridors. 

Aurecon also developed guidelines for harmonising the road conditions reporting within the various SADC countries. Information on road management systems (RMSs) used in the various SADC member states was collected and analysed. This included road condition data and condition data reporting systems with emphasis on the RTRN and other major routes. Common road condition indicators were determined based on an evaluation of existing RMSs in terms of capacity and performance of existing systems.

In-house Geographical Information Systems (GIS) capacities of the road agencies were also reviewed with the aim of recommending a suitable GIS system for the SADC countries.

Aurecon’s services encompassed:

  • Highway engineering
  • The implementation of road management systems
  • Transport planning
  • GIS mapping

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