Tembisa underpasses, South Africa

Underpasses that are attractive, safe and user-friendly for the community in Tembisa

“Re-urbanising, beautifying, simplifying and de-motorising parts of Tembisa has been greatly rewarding. The new underpasses will lead to an enhanced pedestrian and cyclist experience in the area,” Denzel Maduray, Aurecon Principal, Program Advisory.

In 2017, Aurecon was appointed by the City of Ekurhuleni to design and construct rail line underpasses that are attractive, safe and user-friendly for pedestrians and cyclists, together with the associated safety infrastructure. The client’s goal was to reduce pedestrian and train conflicts as well as improve the pedestrian experience in the vicinity of the crossing.

Isibuko Se Africa Development Planners undertook the stakeholder engagement process and affected parties, state departments, people from Tembisa and all the role players in the project were given an opportunity to obtain clear, accurate and understandable information about the proposed project and its implementation. Public meetings were held so that all involved parties could give feedback on the underpasses.

Throughout the co-designing process, Aurecon gained a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the needs of the various stakeholders involved in the project. This human-centric design approach not only enabled the project team to design infrastructure that speaks to the needs and functional requirements of the community, but also resulted in a communal space, named Ibazelo Park, being built for the community.

Slow progress due to labour strikes and quality control issues were the biggest challenges of the project. To overcome these obstacles, the project team worked closely on site to monitor progress and provide oversight on the work delivered. Our team also used a range of digital engineering tools, such as BIM 360, Civil 3D and CAD for the design of the underpasses, which were named the Thami Mnyele Pedestrian and Cycle Crossing, and the Golden Gate Pedestrian and Cycle Crossing.

The project was completed in February 2019. The professional team, contractor and client worked closely together to deliver on all the key performance indicators that were set for the project.

“The Tembisa underpasses are a big success and will drastically improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in the area. We are proud to have been involved in a project that enhances the experience of the people of Tembisa,” says Denzel Maduray.

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