Rural Roads in the Maranoa Region, Australia

Maranoa Regional Council appointed Aurecon to provide engineering services for the upgrade of more than 80 kilometres of rural roads in Queensland’s Roma region as part of its infrastructure agreement with oil and gas stakeholders Santos and Origin.

Aurecon has undertaken geotechnical investigations, detailed survey works, civil and road design, drainage design, pavement design, environmental investigations, preparation of schedule of quantities / estimates and construction supervision of these road packages.

The challenge faced by Aurecon was to provide an economical design using current design standards whilst assuring maximum safety benefits to the end users on these public roads.

Innovations incorporated into the design include the adoption of extended design domain (EDD) principles for vertical alignment design and the use of local material for pavement design. Aurecon applied a realistic approach to the pavement design by considering actual traffic demands during gas field construction and after construction periods and the use of time of closures in floodway crossing rather than adopting specific flood immunity. The EDD design application was further refined to achieve an economical design by giving due consideration to the road user environment such as daytime / night time operation, annual average daily traffic (AADT), type of vehicles that occupy the road and speed environment.

By applying innovation to the design, Aurecon was able to deliver a fit for purpose road network. Aurecon’s design has reduced construction cost significantly without compromising on road safety.  

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