Rehabilitation of the road between Namibe and Lubango, Angola

The Angolan Government’s ‘Five Roads Project’ was established with the aim of improving select National Roads to a maintainable standard. The rehabilitation of the 78 km Namibe – Lubango road in the South which links the Namibe and Huila Province, formed part of this project. Aurecon was appointed to provide detailed design and tender documentation, construction supervision and contract management.

Rehabilitation involved resurfacing and patching as well significant reconstruction of the shoulder and repair of the structure joints.

A significant project challenge came in the form of additions to the original scope of the project, including supervision of the repair of a number of Namibe streets, damaged pavements and the INEA office buildings.  Through careful planning, Aurecon integrated these additions into the overall rehabilitation process.

The initial rehabilitation project was successfully completed within the required time frame of 24 months and, more importantly, within the specified budget. The additional works requested by the client had separate budgets allocated to each of them, and were also successfully completed.

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