Rehabilitation of Hosea Kutako International Airport, Namibia

Aurecon delivers the preliminary investigation for the rehabilitation of the Hosea Kutako International Airport

Aurecon was appointed in 2008 to investigate the reason for moisture penetrating the 50 mm asphalt overlay and to determine the extent of asphalt delamination of the existing runway at the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek.

It was determined that the cross fall on the runway was less than the required 1.5% and innovative measures were required to improve the drainage and geometry. This included the application of an appropriate asphalt design where delamination took place, as well as the replacement of the existing layer with a new asphalt overlay.

The runway was surfaced with an Ultra-Thin Friction Course to further improve the drainage and increase the impermeability of the pavement to water.

The runway at the airport was successfully rehabilitated with most work undertaken at night in order to ensure continued flight operations throughout the construction period.

Hosea Kutako is Namibia’s only international airport and handles over 640 000 passengers and 14 000 aircraft movements a year.

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