Pre-feasibility study for the export of coal from the Mmamabula Coal Fields, Botswana

Botswana is a landlocked country and therefore, in order to export large quantities of coal, a viable rail export corridor will need to be established. 

The CIC Energy Corp. commissioned Aurecon to conduct a pre-feasibility study to investigate the viability of exporting approximately 10 Mtpa of export coal. The railway would originate from the Mmamabula coal deposit site in Botswana near Magalape and continue to a port on the west coast of Namibia.

Port options investigated included the harbour towns of Luderitz and Walvisbaai. Scenarios for 15 and 20 Mtpa of coal export were considered within the financial model. 

The project value is estimated to be USD 2.5 billion for a 1,500km new railway and USD 1.1 billion for a coal terminal and new port facility.

In preparing the pre-feasibility study, Aurecon provided the following services:

  • Mining loading terminal and off-loading end point terminal
  • Railway engineering
  • Land expropriation and licensing
  • Harbour/marine engineering
  • Geotechnical studies

The project is expected to deliver enormous benefits for both Botswana and Namibia by opening a new railway trade corridor and it will be the largest infrastructure project even undertaken by the two countries.

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