Mtwara Development Corridor Project

Aurecon provides specialist input for project

The Mtwara Development Corridor is a spatial development initiative (SDI) comprising southern Tanzania, northern Mozambique, northern and central Malawi, and eastern and northern Zambia.

The SDI's aim is to develop a transportation corridor that will provide these regions with easier access to the port at Mtwara, Tanzania, as well as other transit corridors within the focus areas of the project. To address the problem of a transportation bottleneck developing in the region, an upgrade of infrastructure was required with the future development and rehabilitation of roads and bridges, sea and lake ports, telecommunications, air transport facilities and ferry services being the objective of the project.

Aurecon, in association with Prointec, provided specialist legal, regional planning, development and financial inputs.

The team assisted the client in identifying suitable projects appropriate for private sector investment; conducting full appraisals of these projects to determine economic and financial viability; and by approaching the private sector for potential financing and investment.

The project was carried out in three phases.

  • Phase 1 included the Development of Implementation Strategy
  • Phase 2 comprised the Literature Study Review; and
  • Phase 3 included the Project Packaging for Private Sector Investment.

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